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keyword research

The key elements to good keyword research are:


Market research

Keyword quality

Search volumes

Competition analysis

Finding and using the right keywords is critical and determines whether your website gets traffic or not. Keywords are what drive customers to your website from search engines. Href uses your suggestions and our own experiences to research and identify quality keywords which will give you the best results for your money. Remember it is not about how you describe yourself or your product/service but how your potential customers would describe it. You need to understand your customers thought process which is often overlooked but is a vital element in using the best keywords.


While completing this research we also assess the competition for those keywords to make sure your website will be competitive against the very people you want to out sell. There is little point in trying to compete for a high competition keyword when other keywords with less competition will give you the results you want for less expenditure.


If completed correctly the research will give you keywords that can increase the volume of traffic visiting your website manyfold with the least amount of expenditure. True value.

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