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pay-per-click campaigns


As with much of the online marketing world research is a key element to achieve a successful PPC campaign. At Href we spend as much time as possible on the initial research which pays dividends when the campaign is underway. No money wasted on low quality keywords.


To achieve superior results from your PPC campaign careful planning needs to be undertaken. Using the quality research we have undertaken and our years of planning experience we use the results to carefully place the adverts in front of the correct profile of customer and therefore increasing the click through rate and lowering costs.


Once the planning is in place we can write your adverts with intriguing, keyword rich headlines and calls-to-action. We also carry out split testing to see which adverts work best so you can then increase the return on your investment. We thrive on the challenge of running profitable campaigns for clients.


When done correctly PPC can be a very effective marketing tool but when not properly undertaken it can be waste of good marketing money and time. With a fully managed campaign from Href you will achieve excellent results so you get the very best value from your PPC campaign.

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