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There is no doubt that the number of businesses using social media marketing is growing everyday but the vast majority are not or they are trying and failing. Why are companies either not using this great marketing opportunity, the potential audience is huge, or failing to get the right results?

The answers lies somewhere between not having enough time to keep posting or not understanding what it is they should post. This is easily and painlessly solved by our Social Media Marketing Service. Imagine not having to worry about having to post every day, multiple times a day or trying to think up something new to post. This is what our service can do for you.

Not only that but you get all these massive benefits:

Demonstrate your trustworthiness
- Customers regularly go from a website and check the social channels of a business. Regular updating shows you care about your customers and your image. This will lead to increased conversion rates on your website.

Prove your authority - With regular insightful posts which include hints and tips, potential customers will come to view you as a knowledgeable specialist in your business field. This will again lead to increased conversion rates.

Getting ahead of your competitors - This is a great chance to move ahead of your competitors who may well have no social campaign or will be failing to keep posting regularly. A business with a good social media campaign will win over one with a poor or worse without any campaign in most cases where the customer is initially undecided.

Brand recognition - As is often quoted a potential customer needs to see an advert at least seven times before they will take action. Social media is a great way of appearing regularly before your customers without over selling to them.

Growing your marketing power - As your campaign grows you will get more followers and this leads to the 'crowd effect'™ as more people are drawn in to see what is happening and start to join in and get involved. You will get an even bigger direct audience.

Return on investment - The possible ROI when running a quality social media campaigns is huge. The potential audience is massive and the bigger the engagement the better your ROI will be.

Website Traffic - The longer you run your campaign the greater the increase of traffic will be from social channels. The campaigns always get stronger over time as engagement increases and your website traffic will benefit.

Here are just some of the great elements of the package:

Profiling completed on business and industry to ensure good
   quality, relevant content is output

Daily posts 5 days per week to Twitter (4-7) and Facebook (2)

2 x themed images added to Facebook posts per week

7 day schedule so you can monitor posts and amend if required

Ability to add your own posts and images

Analytics available in easy to understand interactive charts
   and graphs

It is time to take action. Get us to take the pain out of social media for you and in a very short space of time it will become a powerful marketing tool that will help you make new customers again and again.

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