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social media marketing campaigns

These days with the huge growth of social media it has become imperative to strategically use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube to increase your social presence as well as natural search engine ranking. We will plan, execute and manage a strategic social media campaign to drive followers and additional traffic to your website. Our social media marketing package will get you started by completing the following:


Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account creation

Corporate rebranding of social accounts
Adding social integration to your website

Corporate blog creation/hosting

Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Blog content creation
Posting of above content on all platforms
Traffic/Audience development

Href Marketing makes sure you have the social media infrastructure so that your brand gets the maximum social networking and media search results that are needed in todays online world. It is an important part of the jigsaw in your online marketing campaign and should not be neglected. As time moves on social media will become more and more prevalent to search engine rankings so a strong presence is vital to give you the strongest marketing position online and to remain there.

One thing to remember is if social marketing is done well it becomes self generating to a degree. Though while you still have to feed it information your customers are doing much of your marketing for you. When this happens you can imagine how cost effective the initial campaign becomes.

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